11/13/16 - "This Will Not Last" - Gospel: Luke 21:5-19
The buildings were so BIG. And there were so many of them! And I was just a kid. I was trying to be cool, but I couldn’t help myself. I was gawking like the country bumpkin that I was! And no matter how many times I have visited the city, I am always a bit in awe of what it has taken to build all that.
I can totally understand how the disciples felt when they were entering the temple gates. The temple was the seat of all power—both national and religious—and it was built to underscore that visually. The stones were massive. Even now, we have a hard time grasping how they built it without the power of machinery.
But Jesus said it would not last… not the building nor the powers it represented. It was blasphemy. It was sedition. It scared the disciples. It was meant to. 
Why would Jesus want to scare the disciples? Read the whole story in Luke 21:5-19 to get a head start thinking about this topic. In this sermon we are going to talk about fear and hope, and what we might need to know to manage fear and hope in our own lives. 
blessings to all,
Pastor Karla