12/11/16 - "What Do You See?" - Gospel: Matthew 11:2-11
Things had not turned out at all like he had expected. Everything had been going so well in his new ministry. People were flocking to him. People were being baptized left and right. Lives were being changed. People were seeing God in a whole new light. It was wonderful and thrilling to be at the center of it all. He knew it wasn’t for his own glory but it sure felt good to be used by God in this powerful way. 
And then it had all fallen apart. He was confused, hurt and discouraged. His faith had been shaken hard. Now what was going to happen?
It can happen to anyone. We are going along thinking we know what to expect from life and BAM! We are knocked down by a curve ball we didn’t see coming. This weekend’s gospel text is the story of John the Baptizer who is sitting in a Roman prison, confused because he thought he was doing the right thing, the thing that God was calling him to do. (You can read it ahead in Matthew 11:2-11.) Could he have misunderstood? 
We’ll be looking at how to recognized God’s work in the world and in our lives when our expectations have not been met.
~Pastor Karla