12/04/16 - “Searching for the Exit” - Gospel: Matthew 3:1-12

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     As Incarnation’s youth director, I get to do events and activities which I doubt I would eagerly do if it weren’t for the youth and their crazy-fun ideas.  I’ve experienced a lot of really meaningful and fun events.  I’ve met a lot of terrific people.  I’ve challenged my comfort zone more than once.   I’ve shown up at activities, like Scary Movie Nights, asking myself why I was putting myself through this.  Recently, I was challenged to experience something terribly uncomfortable which had some terrifying moments. 

      The Gospel will introduce us to John the Baptist.  His prophetic message of repentance presents some challenges to all of us. Or, is repentance something that terrifies some of us?  In this sermon we work our way through this message to find the promise within it.  

~Mindy Bugaj