Mary's (Our) Story



Sermon on Easter Sunday, April 5th, 2015. Gospel: Mark 16:1-8

The old couple sat at their booth in the diner, smiling at one another. There was a couple of men in the booth next to them, and the young man was loudly regaling his father with tales of how he had met his betrothed. At college, from very different backgrounds, and with nothing evidently in common, they met…and despite the challenges they faced being in relationship, they survived, and were now planning their wedding! 
Not wanting to eavesdrop, but quite unable to avoid hearing, the couples’ smiles just grew broader, as the similarities in the young man’s story to their own, overwhelmed them. 
As he added details, his father cautioned him about the difficulties before them, and asked him if he was sure if this were serious….if this girl was the one? Before the young man could answer, the elderly woman chuckled and said out loud, “if I can be ‘the one’ for my husband, I’m sure your son has picked the right girl! You’re telling our story, son!”
At that, they began to share their stories; their very similar stories….
At Easter, every year, we hear the delightful story of the Lord’s appearance to Mary, as if it were a piece of history, never repeated since. Join us for worship this Easter Sunday morning to hear how Mary’s story and our own are the same….all of us need only to recognize the living Lord! Mary’s story is not history! It’s our story!


He is Risen.

Rev. Dr. Luther Symons