07/02/17 - "This is Us….Listening!" - Gospel Luke 10:30-37

    A couple of months ago, the church council asked me to spend some time during a sermon to talk about our focus on mission, and quite specifically on the project we are embarking on in Cameroon.
     We’ll begin with an exploration of the parable of the Good Samaritan.  That which was remarkable in the Samaritan’s response was that he acted without evaluating the cost to himself, all the reasons for which he ought not to have helped, but rather on seeing the need, he acted.  He did what he could without hesitation.  Jesus’ injunction at the end of this parable was quite simply, “Go and do likewise…”
     Unqualified preparedness to serve God’s people…wow!  That’s tough.  Last year, when presented with an urgent need, the three of us who had traveled there, tried our best to resist…to offer excuses…to drum up reasons why we shouldn’t or even couldn’t help.  But in the end, we saw that God was calling, and when God calls, we must listen!  Our project that seeks to protect children at risk of slavery or prostitution…well, that’s us….listening.
~Pastor Luther