06/18/17 - "On Being Human" - Gospel: Matthew 9:35-10:8

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         When I was a little boy, with two younger brothers, I was looked up to as the stronger one, the braver one, the wiser one. When the going got tough, and despite their courageous bluster to the contrary, my brothers waited for me to react and do what needed to be done. My actions gave them courage. What I never did tell them was that on virtually every occasion that they were nervous, I was nervous. When they were frightened, I was too. And indeed there were times that I was downright terrified. But I had to be strong, for that was who I was.


          During one family vacation, my brothers were complaining vociferously that they were hot or they were hungry or they were bored or they were tired. I was quiet. Finally, I muttered to my parents in the front seat, “I don't feel well”. I was scarcely heard, I think, over the din of the boys’ complaining. “Be quiet and sit still!” Dad bellowed, not particularly kindly. He was in one of those moods that all three of us knew meant that we'd best not make him repeat himself. But I was really getting nauseous. I had no strength or courage or stamina.  I felt helpless and pathetic. Finally, I began to get sick. Mom heard and made dad stop and for the next three or four minutes, I stood at the side of the road, in full view of my brothers, as helpless as an infant, and sicker than a dog.   My image took a beating that day….


         In this sermon we'll explore Jesus’ reaction to our human frailty which is more universal than any of us may ever wish to admit.  


          ~Pr. Luther