06/11/17 - "Forgotten Anything?" - Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20
It was perfect. He had worked so very hard on it. And now, seeing the finished product, we were all in awestruck wonder at what he'd managed to accomplish. Sure, his dad had helped, but wow!  
       Back in the "olden days," we used to have wood shop, and metal shop and auto shop in high schools. It was not therefore uncommon to see a student showing off his\her work, which for the most part meant, a car. 
        Our friend had taken us all to his Dad's auto body shop where he had just finished the paint job. All of us were eager to check this out. Truly, it was a thing of beauty. A 1952 Chevy pickup in pristine condition. the body was completely restored, and the interior was mint!  It almost appeared to have rolled off the showroom floor. But further investigation revealed an important deficiency, one that in most our eyes made the whole project almost without value.
        "Have you forgotten anything?" a friend jokingly asked... The truck had no motor. The engine compartment was empty!  
       In this sermon we'll explore the great commission, and pay special attention to the great promise undergirding it, in the absence of which the whole business becomes somewhat ambiguous. 
         Pr. Luther