05/28/17 - "God's Interludes" - Gospel: John 17:1-11

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      There was once a CEO of my acquaintance, a friend, who had an utterly exceptional employee in his office manager. This individual was uniquely gifted in the role she was playing in the office, and it seemed that she was indispensable for the success of the operation. As true as that might have been, problems began to arise with the office manager. My friend wasn't sure what to do. Mistakes were starting to appear that she ordinarily would have simply dealt with as part of the normal course of her duties. I suggested that perhaps she needs a break; perhaps you're burning her out. My friend agreed, but said that when he offered it to her, she pushed back because the office would fall apart when she was gone. She'd have so much more work to do upon her return, "it wouldn't be worth it," she argued. She rejected the offer and plodded on. "There's your problem," I said. "She believes she's indispensable!"

     When he next spoke to her of the break, he assured her that he needed her to have the break as much as she needed to take it. He encouraged her to look at it as God's interlude before her next major accomplishment. Upon her return, performance in the office was universally improved.

     In this sermon we'll discuss how the "breaks" God gives us in life, provide us with an opportunity to rest from what has come before. But equally, they are God's opportunity to prepare for what comes ahead. 

      ~ Pr. Luther