04/16/17 - "It Isn't Over Yet!" - Gospel Mathew 28:1-10

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     “That’s a mistake.  It should be an American.”  The Mission had made a decision that our logistical support in country, was going to be taken over by a national.  They argued that he was qualified, competent and more cost effective.  I truly felt that most ex-patriots would do better if there were a compatriot there helping them.  That’s the way it had always been.   But in a very short period of time, I saw that I was wrong.  Very wrong.  The candidate they had chosen had (serendipitously, perhaps) soothed all my fears, and exceeded all my expectations.  He was brilliant.  And, all my assumptions had been wrong.

     Karl Barth once said that  “the goal of human life is not death, but resurrection.”  In this sermon we shall together explore the truth that the Easter event we celebrate turns our fear into joy and our doubt into faith!  Death does not have the final word.  Didn’t then.  Doesn’t now!  For us, the true joy of Easter is that it isn’t over yet!


~Pr. Luther