7/26/15 – More Than Enough – Gospel: John 6:1-21 Print

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 "We can do it! I know we can. We just have to believe. We have to believe 

hard enough to try harder than we've ever tried before." I was Assistant Captain, and it was my job to encourage the team and give pep talks whenever necessary, and as often as necessary. And now this function was more important than ever. We were moving into the last tournament of the season, and this tournament would determine who would go into the playoffs.     But I was have a particularly difficult time, because this time....nobody believed me. For we had as a team, had a problem. We had 14 players on the roster, and fully seven of us were sick. Now I'm not talking about having a runny nose or a slight headache kind of sick....I'm talking about the kind of sickness that keeps you in close, "running" proximity to a restroom. This was a disaster. To be out of the playoffs for the reasons that it seemed we would be out of the playoffs, just didn't seem fair! We'd worked hard all year, to be "run" out of the playoffs like this. So, I began. The seven of us who were left had to step it up. I was the goaltender, and in truth, my tummy was beginning to rumble...but I wouldn't admit to it. I went to each remaining player and spoke to them to excite them about what we could do, if we played at our best; together, for the sake of the team. 

     Before the game, the coach took me aside and thanked me. He said, "you've done your best." I said, "no, we can really do this..." I was kind of hurt at his lack of faith. Although he admired my intentions, he felt that I was asking more of them than was reasonable.

     Does believing in Jesus' miracle of the feeding of the five thousand stretch the limits of that which is reasonable? Join us this weekend where we shall consider how Jesus' goal was true and intrinsic transformation that extends beyond the limits of reason. Likewise, the goal of ministry today is not simply what good people decide is reasonable, but rather it is about multiplying resources beyond all reasonable hope, showing that God's providence is truly an amazing grace!


Rev. Dr. Luther Symons