Words To Live By
Leave It Behind


A few years ago I was to do a memorial service in the afternoon. That morning, some workmen were doing some repair work in the chapel and there was a strong smell of solvents when they were finished. I had to air it out, so I propped open the back door, which faced my office, with some heavy books from off my shelves. Later, just before the family and friends would be gathering, I went to close the back door, and when I scooted the books out of the way, I received a start. A lizard 

High Roads and Low Roads


     “Taking the high road” is a metaphor for doing the right thing. The traveler has to pick the road carefully and may have to find his or her own way. Even if the way is well marked, the trekker must watch carefully to stay on the path, otherwise there is a danger of falling. Geographically, the high road over the mountain is harder, but generally has prettier scenery and better views. The “low road” traveler, like the river going with gravity, takes the path of least resistance. 

     It is very easy to be swept along in life. 

Why I Believe


I was reading Tony Jones’ latest blog entry this morning “Why I’m Not An Atheist”  He concludes by asking others to comment on why they believe or not believe. It got me to thinking… and I thought I would share my thoughts with you.


Here is, more or less, why I believe.

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