Words To Live By
Speed Work


How quick are you? Are you able to come up with a response when someone puts you on the spot? 

"Core Strength" For Your Spirit


Wednesday morning in my Bodyworks Class at the gym, the instructor had us doing plank exercises,

Spring Training For Our Faith


Hey baseball fans, the season is just around the corner! The pitchers and catchers have reported for spring training, and the rest of the team will follow fairly soon. Spring training is a time for the players to review the fundamentals, get back into the best possible physical condition, review and practice their playbook, and gel as a team. They will play better throughout the season if they work hard and make the most of their time in spring training.


In the world of professional sports today, the athletes can ill afford to “let themselves go” and get out of shape during the off-season. The sport is just too competitive and there is too much at stake. They don’t dare risk getting cut from the team by not being prepared. Well, we could say the same thing about our faith. 

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