Piecemaker's Schedule for 2017

Piecemaker's, ILC's quilting group, will meet on the following dates in 2017.

Meetings are in the Parish Hall beginning at 9:00am and usually ending around 1:00pm.

Come for all or part of any session.


Quilt top layout sessions will generally run from 9am to 3pm also in Parish Hall.


We also have special sessions to layout quilt tops or work on other special projects.  If you would like to be on our email list to receive these notifications, please let the Church office know.



Tuesday 14-Mar   Piecemakers
Saturday 25-Mar   Piecemakers
Tuesday 28-Mar   Piecemakers
Saturday 1-Apr   Quilt top layout
Tuesday 11-Apr   Piecemakers
Saturday 22-Apr   Piecemakers
Tuesday 25-Apr   Piecemakers
Tuesday 9-May   Piecemakers
Saturday 13-May   Quilt top layout
Saturday 20-May   Piecemakers
Tuesday 23-May   Piecemakers
Tuesday 13-Jun   Piecemakers
Saturday 17-Jun   Quilt top layout
Saturday 24-Jun   Piecemakers
Tuesday 27-Jun   Piecemakers
Tuesday 18-Jul   Piecemakers
Saturday 22-Jul   Piecemakers
Tuesday 25-Jul   Piecemakers
Saturday 5-Aug   Quilt top layout
Tuesday 8-Aug   Piecemakers
Saturday 19-Aug   Piecemakers
Tuesday 22-Aug   Piecemakers
Tuesday 12-Sep   Piecemakers
Saturday 16-Sep   Quilt top layout
Saturday 23-Sep   Piecemakers
Tuesday 26-Sep   Piecemakers
Tuesday 10-Oct   Piecemakers
Saturday 21-Oct   Piecemakers
Tuesday 24-Oct   Piecemakers
Saturday 28-Oct   Quilt top layout
Saturday 4-Nov   Piecemakers
Saturday 9-Dec   Piecemakers
Saturday 16-Dec   Quilt top layout